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Effective website redesign for high conversion rates

A strategic website redesign can build your brand’s credibility by reaching the target audience

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Enhancing your digital presence with tactical redesigns

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Ideal website redesign

Is your website old and worn down? Are you not receiving adequate traffic to your brand?s website? Have your competitors? websites surpassed yours in terms of traffic? Is your website not search engine optimized? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are in need of a strategic website redesign.

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Reasons you need to consider a tactical redesign for your website

  1. The performance of your website is below expectations
  2. It was built years back and is now completely outdated
  3. Your old website doesn’t match up to the scale of your business now
  4. Your brand has a new identity and this needs to reflect on your online presence
  5. The website was created in Microsoft Word or Frontpage
  6. You feel embarrassed to show your prehistoric website to your clients and customers
  7. Your visitors don’t stay on the site for long
  8. The website takes a long time to upload

Intuitive websites for strong imprint

If your brand’s website was built years ago or in the early 2000’s then there’s a high chance that it is not optimized for mobiles and other such devices. In such a case, you may be missing out on business by driving the target audience away from your brand. Doesn't take a genius to find out that the internet usage on mobile phones has been shooting for the past few years. If you are still stuck with the old website designs that convert to a limited version when switched to a mobile phone, then you need to act immediately. The need of the hour, for you and your business, is a responsive website redesign. An intuitive website will result in higher search rankings, and will thus lead to more traffic to your site.

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